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By Friday, May 08, 2015

Hello & Welcome back!

Everyone has learned certain things that can never be forgotten. Like, reading, riding a bike, and singing the ABCs. Today's post will focus on the last unforgettable thing: the ALPHABET! I was originally going to include both uppercase and lowercase alphabets in this post, but I thought it would be most beneficial to take it easy! Lowercase alphabet coming soon!

Embrace your mistakes!
I would suggest first using sheer paper or tracing paper to trace Copperplate alphabets that you really like before committing to free style pen and paper!

Then, once you feel like you have the use of making lines thick and thin down, move on to freehand!

To the left is an example of my freehand--smudges and all!

Calligraphy is a tricky hobby, and takes quite a lot of practice to really master it. Also, my left handed readers, I sympathize with you and the black ink blots on your hand that you are bound to be left with.

My advice to you: keep practicing! Setting up and cleaning up take a bit of time, but sitting down to practice writing is relaxing and rejuvenating! Keep on friends :)

Until next time!


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