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Practice Strokes

By Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello there & welcome back to SCRIPTS! 

Let's talk about practice strokes! As mentioned in my most recent post, by changing the pressure you apply to your nib you can control the thickness of your lines. If you practiced upstrokes and downstrokes, you should have the hang of it :)

I thought I should share my own progress with you all!

So, I thought I would attach my true first attempts at these practice strokes instead of trying to perfect it to make it look better. I personally prefer using a straight pen, since I feel like I have more control of the movement of my pen. Let me know in the comments below if you favor straight or oblique! 

I liked my straight pen strokes best!
In my honesty, I am sharing pictures of a practice sheet where I completely misunderstood how the grid pads work! You are supposed to start at the "x," which I clearly didn't accomplish here in these two examples. Oops! Better luck next time, Mia.

TIP: practice these strokes first to really get the hang of controlling the thickness of your stokes!
Here are the same strokes done with an oblique pen! This pen is a little difficult to hold, but if you fidget with it for a second, you should be able to find a position where it lies comfortably.
I wrote these strokes roughly 10 times each and really felt like I was getting the hang of how to control my pen. Now, it's your turn to try! 

Until next time!


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