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Forming Words

By Friday, May 08, 2015

Welcome Back to SCRIPTS!

Rough example of free style calligraphy! I scrawled this very quickly--but  used a copperplate alphabet for inspiration!
Hi everyone! You are now ready to make WORDS! How exciting!

Some of my advice is the same--use sheer paper, trace, and then move on to free hand! Make sure to sketch in some gridlines to keep your text as straight as possible, unlike my example above.

I think something that I love about calligraphy is that it allows you make hand made gifts really special! This is a verse that I wrote for one of my best friend's mom who is fighting hard through some battles right now! We all need encouragement and sometimes the best way to give it, is to write it down.

So, friends, write everything! Even if it isn't written with a nib and pen, leave notes for loved ones, write down lists on pen and paper, and send cards as frequently as possible! You never know when those notes or cards will make someone's day and when a list will be kept as a  special memory of something sweet that happened that day.

Until next time!

xx, MSA

Psalm 118: 17: "I will not die, but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done." 

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