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Design a Logo

By Friday, May 08, 2015

Hello & Welcome!

Here is a quick little logo I drew with gold ink! Then I just placed some dried flowers from our apartment around it to dress it up for this photo :)
This post covers logo basics!

I have a basic understanding of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, so if I need to make a new logo or update an old one, I usually like using those computer softwares.

However, handwriting a logo and scanning it onto your computer adds a lot of character to a site or business card! There are websites out there that you can use to cut around the text to make the background transparent. This allows for compatibility with the background color of your site, blog, or online portfolio.

Get creative! Use bright, fun ink colors, make it a little messy, and just enjoy creating something new! Then, take a photo and upload to your Facebook so your mom and that one aunt you aren't really that close to can comment on it and share it to their friends!

Have a good one!

Until next time!


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